After silence album is out! Listen below


After silence and exposure is an installation where music, visual arts, and movement meet. The way each person experiences the installation is unique, but there is certainly something that connects them all.
The texts of the artist Katyayani, Catarina Johansson, and her interpretation of these songs stem from experience and the various phases in her life. In the moment, the things we go through can feel difficult, but they always bring things forward in some way. Catarina’s spiritual journey to this moment and album has been tough, but it is still conveyed to the listener that Hope is always present. Katyayani’s artistic interpretation comes about in collaboration with visiting artists.

After silence is Catarina Johansson’s first solo album, in connection to which she also created an installation in a gallery. Here, music, movement, and image are combined. Catarina’s songs are brought to life in collaboration with dancer Susanne Montag-Wärnå, saxophonist Jaakko Martikainen, guitarist Mathias Johnsoni, singer Rebecka Pahlmani, and producer J. Tuukkanen.

For the first time, Catarina brings forth her own visual art next to the music she has composed. Each song is connected to a work of art. The works create a body of art in the gallery space. The aim is to create a space that offers the viewer and listener a unique experience and strong emotions.