Katyayani Events & concerts 2024

25.5.2024 JAZZ IN CITY 
Bio Pallas Karjaa Showtime 17-19
Katyayani Jazzcombo, Steamboat Dixie, Akka-Pellar,
Kiureli Sammalahti

2.8.2024 ELIJAZZ 2024, Lohja Resort.
Katyayani Jazzcombo

15.8.2024 Turku Art night 2024
Katyayani Jazzcombo

7-8.9.2024 Konstrundan 2024 .Trainstation Ekenäs
Katyayani (solo). Artexhibition and performance
Music and danceperformance on stage with Susanne Montag-

Past gigs

Katyayani concert and exhibition ”Rythms”
2-3.9.2023 Konstrundan
Live on stage both days at 14.00
Address: Linnunlaulu 1, Tammisaari

Katyayani together with dancer Susanne Montag-Wärnå on stage on Saturday

Susanne Montag-Wärnå  ( GER) is a freelanced performance artist, dancer and holds a Master of education. As a certified Laban/ Bartenieff  Movement Analyst Susanne is applying a big range of work tools which have their source in the European Modern Dance. For her it is important to integrate her own body´s story and knowledge to the situation and the surroundings she is moving in. Susanne is dancing in relationship to her inner and to the  outer.

Paraisten kunnantalo  2.11.2018 klo 18.00
Saaristobaari, Turku 23.11.2018 klo 20.00

Gallery Focus, Karjaa 26.1.2019 klo 12.00
Hanko Library 17.6.2019 klo 17.00
Café Hallonblad 19.7.2019 klo 20.00
Faces festival. 27.7.2019 klo 20.00 feat. Jonathan Lutz
Turku Art night. 15.8.2019

Monimuotofestivaali 2021 August
Iternity healing weekend at Knipnäs, Tammisaari 9.10.2021

Cozy Cafe Oaktree, Nagu 10.6.2022 at 18-20
Köpmans, Nagu 11.6.2022 at 20.00
Waudevilla, Kirjala 8.7.2022 sing&songwriter evening at 18.30
Cozy Cafe Oaktree, Nagu 13.7.2022 Sing&songwriter evening at 19.00-21.00
Konstrundan 2022. Katyayani exhibition and livemusic
Cozy Cafe Oaktree, Nagu 3.9. & 4.9.2022

Katyayani art exhibition ”Happiness Allowed”, Knipnäs, June-July 2023
Katyayani on ”Roots-festival” 29.7.2023, Knipnäs
Katyayani jazzcombo 12.8.2023 Fyren, Ekenäs